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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fear... UPDATE

I'm on the 6th row of chart #3 and am starting to worry about the quantity of yarn still left... I have 1.2 oz left of each color so about 350 yards... I sure hope that will be enough to finish the shawl. The rest of the shawl has taken up 2.8 oz... please wave your needles hoping I'll have enough yarn to finish Seraphim...

Okay, we're several hours later and I've done some math... please keep in mind that
  1. I'm math challenged
  2. it is Sunday evening and after 11 pm
  3. I hope that I figured all of this out right LOL
Anyways, I made one of my excel progress sheets to see how much I had done of the shawl. Right now I've done 70%. I used about 882 yards of yarn (based on the assumption that I had 4 oz of Zephyr in each color and that each color has about 1260 yards). So far I've done a total of 34044 stitches total (oops that wrong... I used a 3 stitch border DUH...). Corrected math: I've done 34412 stitches so far... so 74% of the shawl. I divided those 34412 stitches by the 882 yards which gives me 39 stitches per yard. Next, according to my math, my shawl will have a grand total of 46442 stitches. This divided by 39 stitches gives me 1190-something yards of yarn usage. Of course I forgot to count the bind off, but I should have enough with 70 yards don't y'all thinks?????????????

If there's something wrong you think with the logic behind this thinking please let me know...

Cheers Eva


At 12:42 AM, Blogger Redford Phyl said...

That is always my biggest fear. I just finished a sweater, and after I started the sleeves, I turned paranoid. Would it be enough? Should I call the shop where I bought the yarn to see if they had one more ball sitting in the back room? As it turned out, I actually have one ball left. Now I'm wondering if I have enough to do a matching scarf.

At 2:54 AM, Blogger DAWN said...

May the knitting forces be with you! I believe. . .

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Bonnie said...

Good luck, Eva. I worked on mine yesterday (I'm still on the stockinette part) and decided to make mine smaller. I'm using a double strand of laceweight, and each ball has 850 yards. I've been worried it will not be enough.

Reading your post, I feel convinced it will not be enough! I'd better decide soon how much to shorten it.


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