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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Changing Course

Hi everyone. My work on the Seraphim Shawl has stalled, for a few reasons. For one thing, I don't think my yarn is right for this project. I don't really like knitting with a double strand of laceweight--there are too many times where I catch only one strand, don't see it until later, and have to stop and fix it. I love the yarn, though ( and have been wanting to frog this shawl and use the yarn for a lace scarf/stole that's taking shape in my mind.

I also have a hard time getting motivated to do all the stockinette stitch in this shawl. I think it might be more pleasant if I use a single strand of fingering weight yarn. I got some Knit Picks dye-your-own merino in a swap recently. I'm thinking I'll dye that and use it for Seraphim. But that probably won't happen for a few months, as I would rather put my knitting energies into other things this fall.

So, I'm bowing out, temporarily, but plan to return to Seraphim later on. It's been great seeing all the beautiful completed Seraphims and I hope to be posting my own sometime!


At 5:46 PM, Blogger EvaLux said...


I'm all for it that you stop and use a different yarn if you're not happy with the way it looks!!! I started using just one strand of Zephyr, but didn't like it... then when I used 2 strands I loved it so much I just kinda breezed through it :)

Cheers Eva


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