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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My first update...

Hello Ladies,

I started a few days ago and I'm ready to rip rip rip (written in green to symbolise Zee Frog)!!!

I'm using Zephyr in Ladyslipper (which is very pink for someone who doesn't really like pink, but hey, a girl's got the right to be inconsistent in her behaviour isn't she?) and 4mm/US6 needles. Jennifer (I don't think she introduced herself yet) e-mailed me asking how I liked the lace weight yarn so far. I told her that I'd just decided that it is way toooooooooooooooo open right now and that I'm going to rip. I already had 150-something stitches on the needles (am planning to go up to 300-something to compensate for the lace weight), but the stockinette is not looking very nice like this. I will use 3.5mm needles or maybe even change the yarn hahaha. No, I still want to do it in pinkpinkpink :)

I'm not going to share a pic of what I have as I'm going to rip it. Oh, and I'm going to make one change and that is making a 3- or 4-stitch garter border. I like that more than the 2 stitch I have now.

How's everyone else's coming along?

And then, just because a girl can not have too many projects on the needles, I've decided that I'll make Icarus next. I have some Zephyr in a buttery yellow color (I checked and the official name is Daffodil) which could symbolise the wax of which the wings were made. I think that would make a gorgeous Icarus.
I also just realised that I'd mixed up Mim's Mountain Peaks (which I had not seen until 5 minutes ago and immediately bought) with a stole called Mountain Stream. So I was moaning about this pattern on the knittyboard and when Mim replied and told me that her pattern didn't start the way I said I realised my mistake :)) (= big big big sheepish grin). Anyways, as I have the yarn used in that pattern, it will also get on the needles as soon as I finish either The Sheep Shawl, Knit-your-own-pi mystery or Seraphim (oh... darn I forgot the shawl I started last night... civil war shawl... but that one is ginormous so will take about a year to finish).

Okay, I'm done blabbering... hope to hear from y'all



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