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Saturday, May 06, 2006



I thought I'd get my introduction up so that people can get to know me :) My name is Eva (pronounce Avah) and I'm 35. I started knitting when I was a child, but never really took to it. I blame this on the "belgian" way of knitting... one long needle stuck under your armpit. It was hard to do. I was such a tight knitter that I had the hardest time getting the stitches off my needle. I would make any kind of yarn squeek. It also gave me the worst cases of tendonitis imaginable.

Then one day, one of my mom's polish friends was staying with us and she was knitting away and I was amazed. She used circular needles, and was only moving her hands and it was going fast fast fast. As language was a barrier, I just managed to learn how she purled, by copying her movements. Then for a year or 2 whenever I knitted a bit, I would knit in the "belgian" way (where you throw your yarn) and purl the "polish" way (picking). My stitches twisted were twisted and my gauge was horrible. The knit stitches were still so tight that the yarn screamed for mercy and my purls were sooooooooooooooo loose that I could nearly fit a finger through them LOL. So after a while I made my knit stitches by doing the exact opposite of what did when I purled.

I didn't do much knitting after that. Last year in January/February, I was very sick (and getting over my mom's sudden death). I was sooo sick that I couldn't do what I normally did: cross stitching. It was too much to count, to switch colors every so often and so on. I had some needles and some acrylic lying around and I started to fiddle around and loved the "instant gratification" of knitting.

In June I joined the first Mystery Shawl along (a yahoo group) and I've been in love with lace ever since. I have 5 or 6 shawls on the needles as we speak and plans for many more.

I am planning to use either some of my KnitPicks Shadow (maybe Lost Lake, Campfire or Sunset) or one of the many colors of stuff I have. As soon as I know I'll let you know :)

Cheers Eva


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